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Film and Video - a small sample


Documentary: "Something in the Water"


The story of how flyover country influenced rock and roll. 

(Emmy Award--Historical documentary, MCA Golden Reel, Telly, Selection St. Louis International Film Festival)

Streaming on Amazon Prime

Documentary: "True Gaelic-Searching for Ireland's Lost History"


An archaeological dig in a remote corner of Ireland unearths clues about ancient Irish kings.

I directed a crew on a month-long shoot in Ireland.   Full film on Amazon Prime, Heritage Broadcasting Service.

Sizzle Reel: "Local King"


A sizzle reel introducing a series about beloved local musicians. Screened at the New York Television Festival. 

Documentary: "The Best of Us-100 years of Muny Magic"

The story of a community's love for an iconic outdoor theatre that's a launching pad for Broadway stars. 

Documentary short: "Glass"

The art of glass is seemingly impossible--taming hot liquid into an intricate pattern and shape. Artist Sam Stang is a master at it. (Emmy Award)

Documentary short: "Liquid Roads"

The liquid road of the Mississippi River inspired music as diverse as jazz, blues and swing. A story told in dance. (Emmy Award)

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